Premier Refractory Service Provider

Refractories are not a “one size fits all” industry.  R&I has the technical knowledge and the applicable skills to solve any refractory issues.  We offer the following:

Turn-key Reline

Let the refractory experts do the refractory work. R&I can provide knock out, reline, and dry out for customers that are able to send their vessels to Eldridge.  We can also do maintenance on steel work and welds that require maintenance. All in all, we can take any vessel you give us and return it to you with the best working lining available.


Not every application can accept a precast shape. Luckily, R&I provides in-house installation services for customers who cannot use precast shapes and do not want the expense of installing their own refractory.  R&I installations meet manufacturer specs and are also dried out to the manufacturer specs. 

If you are interested in saving time and labor while also having a proper refractory installation, please contact R&I.

Steel Work

Good refractory needs to be installed on good steel.  R&I employs certified welders and can provide most steel work necessary for our customers at a very competitive rate.

Engineering Services

R&I doesn’t find “comparable refractories.”  R&I engineers refractory linings.  With work with our customers to find out their individual applications and we design linings that will work for them.  Our engineering department provides products tailored specifically to customer needs.  Our engineered services include:

  • Take offs
  • Drawings
  • Material count
  • Shell temperature

If you have a refractory issue - it usually starts at the engineering level.  Let R&I assess your whole operation and design a lining built specifically for you.  Please contact our engineering department at R&I.


I have used R&I’s construction crew for large shutdowns as well as emergency patch jobs. They are professional, safety conscience, and efficient. They are my first call when I need refractory work done.