I have used R&I’s construction crew for large shutdowns as well as emergency patch jobs. They are professional, safety conscience, and efficient. They are my first call when I need refractory work done.

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  • Coatings

    R&I is the exclusive provider of Refcotec products in the Midwest. Let us help you maximize your castings with the best coatings, pastes, and sand additives for your processes.

  • Mono-Max™

    When blanket isn’t enough, try R&I’s exclusive Mono-Max™ fiber system. This system maximizes the insulating properties of fibers and can withstand heat up to 2800℉.

  • Precast Shapes

    R&I is the leading expert in precast shapes. Let us save you time and money with our customized, drop in shapes. Once you try precast, you will never pour, ram or brick again.

  • Construction Services

    R&I provides quality on site installation that you can trust. Whether it’s an emergency patch or a shutdown, R&I can bring in the job on time and in budget.

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Refractory & Insulation Supply, Inc. has been a leading supplier of refractories and refractory services since 1979. Based out of Eldridge, IA, we provide precast shapes, and installation services to the entire country as well as Mexico and Canada.

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