Precast Shapes

Premier Refractory Service Provider

R&I is a leading supplier of precast refractory shapes to the United States, pouring over 6 million pounds annually. R&I has the engineering support to design and make any precast shape and ensure the physical and thermal properties meet the customer’s needs. R&I provides precast shapes to all industries using refractories.

If you are pouring, ramming, packing or vibrating your own refractories, you could be doing it better. R&I Precast shapes offer the optimal refractory manufactured to the optimal specs in the ideal environment. We can improve your refractory life and save you money.

If you are interested in a longer lasting, safer, and more economical refractory please contact R&I about precast shapes.


R&I can design and make any shape needed for a steel foundry. Whether looking to improve furnace life or decrease installation time, R&I precast shapes will improve your efficiency. EAF roofs, runner spouts and precast ladles are just a few of the shapes R&I provides to steel foundries.


Regardless of your furnace; coreless, arc, channel, etc. R&I can engineer any shape for the iron industry. Whether looking to improve furnace life or decrease installation time, R&I precast shapes will improve your efficiency. Ladles, ladle bottoms, coreless tops, coreless bottoms and more.

R&I has more than tripled the life of refractories in iron foundries. If you are interested in improving your life, please contact R&I.


R&I manufactures quality precast shapes for aluminum that can help improve refractory life.  R&I is able to engineer linings that maximize refractory life and provide desired thermal results and freeze planes.

Many aluminum shops stick to a schedule dictated by their refractory life- let R&I change that.  We can install the right refractory to meet your schedule. 

Our precast shapes and Mono-MaxTM doors can increase the life of your furnaces while decreasing your cost per pound.

If you are interested in maximizing your cost per pound of aluminum, please contact R&I.


R&I manufactures shapes specifically for non-ferrous production. Furnace linings, ladles etc can all be made into precast shapes to decrease installation time and improve refractory lining.

R&I has extensive experience improving lining life and improving overall production in non-ferrous applications.

If you are interested in improved refractory life in non-ferrous applications, please contact R&I.


R&I manufactures any and all shapes for the industrial industry. Our shapes do not need to be dried out and eliminate the risk of explosion.

R&I can manufacture any size or shape for your application and can supply the best refractory for any environment.  Form burner blocks to nose rings, R&I makes them all.

If you have an industrial precast shape need, please contact R&I.


R&I’s precast delta and annular combination has taken us from 50 heats per roof to over 400 heats per roof. We have saved money on refractory and labor and we no longer have to stock a truckload of bricks. We will never go back to bricking our roofs.