Premier Refractory Service Provider

The proper installation of refractory is as important as the refractory itself. R&I has an in house, full time crew of refractory installers and bricklayers. 

Only a phone call away, R&I’s installation crew can be at your refractory emergency ASAP. 

R&I also possesses a number of resources for major shutdown and greenfield installation work. R&I can provide labor as well as product and engineering services.

Industries Served

Since 1979 Refractory and Insulation Supply, Inc. has serviced the refractory industry. Including, but not limited to: Foundry, Steel, Mineral Processing, Aluminum, Heat Treat, Forge, Energy, Wood Fired Boilers R&I services all refractory using industries.

R&I works on all size of jobs and any installation method. We will work with you to find the installation method that best fits your needs. We will take the time to analyze the needs of your operation: cost, refractory life, service temps, etc. We will then engineer the best lining available to service your needs.


R&I owns the equipment needed to complete your job, and has in-house, full time operators for all of it. If you need an expert to install your refractory and want the ae experts every time, contact R&I.


We stopped bricking our ladles- we now send them to R&I to be knocked out, relined, and dried out. We have seen a major increase refractory life and no longer have guys working overtime to brick the ladles.